Learn to install, administer, and maintain Avaya IP Office Release 9.0.

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In this course, you will gain the skills needed to install, administer, and manage the implementation of an IP Office customer solution. Through hands-on labs, you will practice installing and configuring the IP Office system and using the IP Office applications.

Course Duration

5 days

What You’ll Learn

  • IP Office 500V2 hardware and software components
  • Configuration settings using IP Office Manager
  • Installation and ignition process for IP Office Server Edition
  • Access and navigate around web management for Server Edition
  • Access Manager, Voicemail Pro Application, and one-X® server using Web Management
  • Configure settings for users, hunt groups, trunks, and mobility call control
  • Upgrade core software
  • Configure VoIP/SIP endpoints and trunks
  • Embedded voicemail functionality
  • SD card management
  • The Branch Solution
  • Use of the application server
  • Configure the settings on Voicemail Pro interfaces
  • Set up the Voicemail Pro actions that can be used to create call flows
  • Set up the Avaya one-X portal for IP Office application
  • iPad, Windows Flare, and Android applications

Who Needs to Attend

Avaya associates, partners, resellers, and customers


There are no prerequisites for this course.

Certification Programs and Certificate Tracks

This course is part of the following programs or tracks:

  • Avaya Implementation Professional Specialist (AIPS) – Avaya IP Office

Course Outline

1. Avaya IP Office System Overview

  • Course Overview and Objectives
  • IP Office Control Units and Expansion Module
  • Telephone Overview
  • Start Up Procedure and Default Settings
  • Application Software
  • IP Office Manager
  • System Upgrade
  • Licensing
  • IP Office Server Edition

2. Basic Configuration

  • System Settings
  • Time Profiles
  • Extensions and Users
  • Hunt Groups
  • Lines and Trunking
  • Short Codes
  • Outgoing Call Routing ARS
  • Incoming Call Routes

3. System SD Card

  • Embedded Voice Mail
  • Auto Attendant
  • Group and User Announcements

4. Branch Solution Overview

5. Application Server Overview

6. User Programming

  • Button Programming
  • Agents and Hot Desking
  • User Rights and Templates
  • Mobility Call Control and one-X Mobile

7. VoIP Endpoints

  • LAN and Gatekeeper
  • Operation of IP Phones
  • Creating IP Extensions and Users
  • Configuring SIP Terminals
  • Configuring SIP Trunks

8. Voicemail Pro Components

  • Feature Comparisons
  • Voicemail Pro Interface
  • Voicemail Client
  • Structure and Sequence of Call Flows and Auto Attendants
  • Settings for users and groups
  • Importing Call Flows
  • Requirements, set up and functionality
  • Debug view
  • Actions, Variables and Conditions

9. Avaya one-X Portal for IP Office

  • Configure one-X Portal
  • Presence and Instant Message
  • one-X Mobile Preferred for IP Office
  • iPad Flare
  • Windows Flare


Lab 1: Access IP Office Manager and Connect to IP Office

Lab 2: Open and Log Into Server Edition Web Management

Lab 3: Create Time Profile

Lab 4: Add and Modify Extensions and Users

Lab 5: Create Hunt Groups

Lab 6: Create and Modify Short Codes

Lab 7: Configure an Announcement

Lab 8: Create a Hot Desking User

Lab 9: Create a User Rights Template and Assign Users

Lab 10: Create an IP Extension and User

Lab 11: Configure a SIP Trunks to Another IP Office

Lab 12: Install Voicemail Pro Client

Lab 13: Create a Call Flow in Voicemail Pro

Lab 14: Configure one-X Portal and Test